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NPT Capitol: Community College day

Yesterday was Community College day at the Texas Legislature. Students from all over Texas came to lobby their representatives. And they had the best lobbying technique/grassroots boon I’ve seen yet: free bbq.


“What they’re doing is going to each of their lawmakers’ offices and meeting with the representative or senator. But if they can’t, they’re at least meeting with the staff members…so we hit every single lawmaker in the state of Texas through this,” said Dr. Richard M. Rhodes, the President of El Paso Community College.

According to Rhodes, ten students from El Paso made the journey, but none were available for comments as they were busy hunting down the El Paso delegation.

“One of our students, Emma Gomez, was down on the floor with Senator (Judith) Zaffirini, when (she) read the proclamation (SR 131) on Community College day,” said Rhodes. In the last few years, university costs have risen considerably but earnings have not kept pace. This hurts community college students the most.



“We have community college students from across the state… fifty different community college district campuses and their here to visit with their legislators about making sure funding for community colleges is appropriate…and also to look at things like the price of text books,” said Rhodes who was pleased that Senator Zaffirini has filed a bill which wold inaugurate a sales tax holiday for textbooks once a year.

(Pictures: Students from Temple College and Houston Community College)

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February 5, 2009 at 11:05 am

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