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NPT: “Urban legend” pleads guilty in drug kidnapping case

Fun with juxtaposition:

silverstrereyesU.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes in this NPT story: When a Spanish language radio reporter asked about what El Paso authorities can do about the number of kidnappings on both sides of the borders, Reyes snapped, “These claims of kidnappings have not been confirmed.

“We need to deal in facts and not in urban legends that have been promulgated here in our community.”

News release from FBI yesterday: Some of you might be interested in attending a 2pm scheduled plea of Ricardo Calleros-Godinez today. He was arrested by the FBI and ICE for kidnapping a person in early 2008. The victim of the kidnapping is serving a 15-year sentence on state charges. This will take place in Judge Garney’s court at the federal courthouse.

There has been much debate and speculation in some El Paso media outlets about the issue of kidnappings (or the lack thereof). This is one drug-related kidnapping that we know happened and was worked. Please note that the FBI is the only federal agency that has jurisdiction to work kidnappings and is the only federal source for accurate kidnapping information. We are certainly concerned if kidnappings are occurring and no one is reporting them to us. We encourage all citizens and entities to report such serious crime information to us.

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February 4, 2009 at 2:43 pm

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  1. The kidnappings, to my minimal knowledge, are in fact taking place on the other side of the border. My dentist works in an office where her co-worker’s father, also a dentist, was abducted a few weeks ago. They came into his office, and yanked him away. He was later released, I don’t have any other specifics. But, if the murders are obviously out of hand, why wouldn’t kidnappings be occurring, or any other malicious acts? Are we walking around with blinders on? Crimes were higher in El Paso BEFORE “Hold the Line”, and people denied that too back then, so why deny the kidnappings now? Denial will not make them go away, diminish these atrocities, or keep people safe. Like bullies, they must be confronted and dealt with…

    S R

    February 5, 2009 at 12:01 pm

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