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Ben Wright: NPT Capitol: Marquez’s 1st bill

Freshman state Rep. Marisa Marquez, D-El Paso, has filed her
first bill of the 2009 session. If enacted, the law would give more powers
to school districts seeking to clamp down on truancy.


The bill (HB 837) extends the period of time that a
school district can file a charge of truancy against a child.

“Current law requires a charge to be filed within ten school days of a
student’s tenth absence, or else courts must dismiss the charge. The law
would give districts more time,” said Marquez in a press release.

But the law only extends the window for which a charge can be filed from
ten days to fourteen days. Nevertheless Marquez, and EPISD Director of
Pupil Services Mark Mendoza, think the extension will make a big

“This bill will help our school district ensure that no student falls
through the cracks. We will have the proper amount of time necessary to
make sure all complaints are filed and have a shot at making it before a
judge,” said Mendoza. “This will help us to keep kids in school where they
should be.”

Legislation regarding truancy was not part of EPISD’s legislative agenda
(which can be accessed here) However EPISD’s Mendoza seemed to
be very pleased that Marquez had filed the bill.

“I am glad that Rep. Marquez has heard my calls for reform. We want to
have enough time to step in and right a troubled student’s path,” said

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January 30, 2009 at 12:30 am

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